Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mt. Zion Lake Elsinore Foursquare

Today we had the pleasure of sharing at Mt. Zion Lake Elsinore Foursquare pastored by Jason & Rachele Brannon. It is always a privilege to be invited into a church and it is also exciting as we get to go to different churches and see what God is doing there.

To update you on some upcoming events, we have a tentative appointment scheduled with Foursquare Missions(FMI) on Wednesday, February 13th. This interview combined with an invitation from the National Board of Ecuador will get us our official appointment as Missionary Associates. Also, at the end of April, we will be attending an FMI training in Washington state. This training takes place at our former church, Northwest Church, in Federal Way! We plan to combine this week-long training with a vacation to visit friends and family one last time before we move.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Nations Church

We have begun to go to churches to raise spiritual and financial support. The first church that we had the privilege of sharing at was First Nations Church in Santa Fe Springs, California pastored by Randy and Cheryl Bear Barnetson. You can find a link to their ministry in the "Links" section of this blog. We will be sharing about Call To The Nations at several other churches in the coming months. We need to raise the financial sponsorships needed for our move, but we also need to raise prayer support! Please pray for God to continue to open the right doors as we continue in this endeavor. Thanks again, Randy and Cheryl!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Foursquare Licensing

Today we had our interview with a Foursquare licensing panel. While this may sound very intimidating, it was actually quite fun! The panel was made up of three pastors from the area whose job it was to ask us questions concerning our personal lives, our doctrine, and our understanding of Foursquare Polity. The four hour interview could have been very intimidating, but the panel went out of its way to make it anything but. Since we have already been through a long licensing process up to this point, their approach was to get to know us and to encourage us. They even provided lunch! The next step is to receive approval from our District Supervisor and the Foursquare Board. When we receive this approval (God willing), we will obtain a Foursquare District License which will enable us to receive our appointment with Foursquare Missions International.