Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ministry Update

We are gradually getting settled in here in Cuenca and occasionally finding opportunities for ministry. The Bible study with our neighbor is going well. He is very hungry to learn more about God and to follow Him with his whole heart. We are beginning to go through Genesis and are continuing to meet once a week. On Saturday, I went to CREIAD, a local drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with some other people from the local church. They were celebrating their fifth year of weekly ministry to the men at the center. While my personal involvement was minimal, it was exciting to see men desiring to turn their lives around and follow God. Please pray for them to take these services and their relationship with God seriously and that it would carry on beyond their time in rehab.

We have connected with a local family who are interested in helping us plant a church. We don't have a timeframe yet, but we will be looking at starting a Bible study in our home in January. Pray that we hear God clearly and follow His will and timing.