Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Visit to Foursquare Churches in Sigsig and Loja

About a week ago, I visited the local Foursquare churches in the towns of Sigsig and Loja with the Foursquare pastor here in Cuenca and the president of Foursquare Ecuador. It was an excellent time of developing relationships with the Foursquare leadership here in Ecuador, as well as getting to see more of this beautiful country and what God is doing in it. The highlight of the trip was a water baptism of 17 people in the Volqueron River near Loja. God is doing wonderful things in these churches, but it's sobering to realize that there are only 3 Foursquare churches in the whole Southern Sierra. We look forward to what lies in store for the growth of His kingdom here in Ecuador over the coming years and the part we get to play in that growth.